“SEO is not synonymous with Junk email SPAM “-Matt Cutts

Search Engine Optimization, abbreviated as SEO is the process of optimization of a site/web page to facilitate more efficient indexing in search engines, and to display it in the first search results page (SERP) for certain keywords, or for a group of words (target keywords). The ultimate goal is generating quality traffic to a web site, and as a result the final sales growth of the firm in question. SEO optimization is the cheapest solution and marketing promotion of a website.

Optimizing SEO starts with a prior study of the main competing sites (in the same area of activity), then we will report and continue with the elaboration of a list of relevant keywords to the content of that web page. Choosing the correct keywords (depending on their frequency in searches) is the key to a successful SEO campaign.

The process of SEO optimization of a site is a long one and does not guarantee the maintenance of position in displaying results in the long term, being necessary optimizing it periodically and studying continuously the competing sites
Optimizing a website lasts somewhere between 2 and 12 months depending on the difficulty of the keywords and the number of results displayed by the search engines for these searches.