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As we all know, Facebook is currently the most widely used social network worldwide with over 800 million users and approximately 4,6 million user in Romania. For bussiness interests on the internet, Facebook is a simple method of promotion, having a well estabelished target.


App Store

iOS platform enables the delivery of multimedia content right in the hand of the consumer. In Romania the iPhone is as common as any other phone and the low cost data subscriptions can turn iPhone users in targets for your marketing campaign.



In Romania there are over 4 million Android phones and therefore as many potential customers. Since the market is at the very beginning and without any strong competition, the chances are very high that any idea can easily know a fast growth.



We develop applications and games for Symbiam with a professional team of programmers dedicated to the design and development. The applications will be optimized for better use of the hardware and software resources of the phone.


Lets be more specific and answer the question why would you need an app for Facebook, Twitter, iOS or Android? The answer is simple: because such applications have a very high public spread. People want to have fun and interact with each other and your providing them the opportunity with your app. Then there is the desire to obtain informations about our actions on these social platforms, wich can be facilitated by the application. Your benefit is major, because people will remember more easily your brand name  thanks to the app and, in addition, throw a good light on your brand given the fact that your app can provide great advertising for a low cost.